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Thread: The biscuit tin is

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    Smile The biscuit tin is half full.

    Yo ho ho, hello and greetings merry tappers from the TheDarkRaiders.

    Are you or your friends feeling more like the Spanish Armada than HMS Victory or closer to West Bromwich Albion than Manchester City...
    Ha! Then look us up. We are currently in recruiting mode. We’ve got 3 spots free for those that feel they need a change of fleet. We are consistent top 10 finishers these days having slowly worked our way up (finished #8 a few weeks back).
    We’re serious about winning a ship and still get excited about guild battles but not to the detriment of real life. After all, we don't want to ruin any marriages ! No minimums expected just be ready willing and able. You can’t play? Fine, just let us know.
    And more importantly we are a fun chatty group from all corners of the globe.
    We debate and poll interesting topics like:
    * Which came first, the chicken or the hedgehog?
    * who has the best hair, Donald Trump or Boris Johnson?
    * sushi or fish n chips?
    * if Harry Kane was a dinosaur, which would he be?
    * Jammy dodgers or chocolate hob nobs?
    * who has the smallest - ahem - appendage, Donald Trump or Harvey Weinstein?
    * (for valentines) Best/worst Rom-Coms ever made?

    And more....

    Come join us! 😃😃😃
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    Apologies for ending up in the quest section!
    Thought I’d posted in the general section. My humble mistake....fingers working quicker than brain!

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