Shadow Snatcher is the boost quest for the weekend. You collect Magic Spells from the 3 decorations and 1 merchant and to craft Shadow boost at 700A/D.

As is typical for this type of quest, there is a 1 step Boosts! Quest and the regular 4 step quest. Both complete at the same time. You can use the Boosts! Quest to get the items for steps 3 and 4 so that you can complete step 2 and collect faster to complete step 3 and 4.

All items build in seconds

Step 1
Tap 2 dolphins or whales
Build decoration Shadowless - 9 rubies
Collect from Shadowless
Reward: 3 gumball boosts, 12000 coins

Step 2
Build decoration Shadow House - 25 rubies
Collect from Shadow HOuse
Craft 1 Shadow boost
Reward: 1 energy boost, 1 black pearl, 22000 coins

Step 3
Build decoration Times of Aging - 35 rubies
Collect from Times of Aging
Craft 2 Shadow boosts
Reward: 1 time boost, 1 gold pearl, 32000 coins

Step 4
Build merchant Shadow Snatcher Caught - 48 rubies
Collect from Shadow Snatcher Caught
Craft 5 Shadow boosts
Reward: Shadow REturn Ship