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Thread: Paradise Cove is Drying Up- New Games?

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    Paradise Cove is Drying Up- New Games?

    Paradise Cove seems to be winding down.

    Any players have suggestions for similar games?

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    Some of us are playing Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. It has battles and guilds. A lot more complex than TPC. And big money being put into it.

    Others I know are playing War Dragons.

    I'm sure there are others as well, but none are likely to have the exact combination of TPC. So the best game will depend on which elements you like the best in TPC.
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    About the other games, I have come to the conclusion that TPC is nothing but a money pit... I do like it from time to time, but it is getting out of hand IMO.

    Are any of the other games that have been mentioned less expensive to play. During that past few guild battles, I have spent a ridiculous amount of 'rubies' to keep fighting so that my guild can finish in the top 75 or so... I don't mind spending money but I do think it is just becoming a little absurd.

    While I have been playing the game for years, I actually stopped for a few years and restarted a few months back, and didn't join a guild until about 4 guild events ago... (just to explain I'm not that 'experienced'..)

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