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Thread: How Wrong is this!!!

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    How Wrong is this!!!

    I have not visited for a while but something prodded me into doing the full 詮orum visit this morning.
    I admit that very little that PG do surprises me any more but this takes the biscuit.
    An announcement by Jesse concerning Server Support Stopage for certain games is mentioned in several places but not on SP.

    Probably the most shocking of all (though I am not sure why I am surprised) The Dolly Dress Up game is still being supported and given, what seems like, some new content. This might just be old content revised but it still is support. Wow, who have thought that little girl DDU would survive when all around others were falling.

    Anybody who would like an update. The weather in the UK is real bad in places. I hope all you other Brits are safe.

    Top Mum is recovering well from recent surgery and I hope you will all join with me and wish her well. She doesnt come here often but told me elsewhere.

    Me! I am still plodding on. We are currently in Spain and avoiding the 腺east from the East as the media are calling the blizzard. My GGSon is now walking and has had his first birthday. Life is good.

    My best wishes to all of you.
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    You didn’t mention any new “china patterns”

    Weather report from Hoosierland...crazy...last week, still officially winter here, but temps in the 80’s. Then, relentless rain for days...serious flooding.

    Best wishes you as well SE...

    To all out there...
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    Like Salmo, our weather is rain, rain and more rain. She sends it east one state over when she is done with it.
    But I have been keeping up with the beast from the east and glad you are not being confronted by it.

    My grandson will be five in a month and my granddaughter will be two on the Ides of March so I am behind you.
    Stay well, Ambassador.
    When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.

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    SE, it is good to hear from you. Your great grandson is growing so quickly. Walking, how exciting. Continue to avoid the nasty weather. The rain here has been abundant.
    Salmo, I was thinking about you with all the flooding down your way and was wondering how you were doing. The rain has been crazy.
    Top mom, hope you are doing well.
    Level 117 just in time.

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