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    Help me with fashion, why I can have The clothes tahat have oder girls, I can't have dimonts plesa helo

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    Often gowns and wings will cost diamonds. If you cannot buy diamonds, I would suggest save your in game cash because we have had some nice items that only required in game cash. To build up your cash, go into the game as often as you can to collect the money. To save in game cash, if you are not excited about decorating the campus, buy the cheapest decor/ furniture items possible. I think you can earn diamonds sometimes from your leader, winning FS, using petals, turning in keys, and by watching videos - however, you will not get a diamond every time. Some nice items can be available for pearls and you can sell items you do not like to earn pearls. I hope this helps. Please let me/ us know if you have more questions. Posting on the LTQ thread is best since it is often the most active thread or you can send me a personal message.
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