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    Exclamation Sharri's clothes

    Hello, I can not play with Sharri because every time I want to scroll, I am told that I do not have the correct dress for this character! Could you tell me what are his clothes please?

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    And how to acquire the '' Beach House ''?

    I wish you a good day! See you soon, I hope !
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    Kramoisette - it is not about entering a correct outfit, but Sherri must be wearing something that cannot be entered in FS. if she is a MBG who came with an extra item you can keep it on in the closet & on campus. if you take an extra item off via the closet you lose the item. however, in FS, you need to take it off before you can enter a FS. custom items are only allowed to be entered in FS if they use PG's custom patterns if you use your own then it will not work. if you do not know what the problematic item is the best thing to do would be press the button with the bra that is on the bottom right. that will reset her outfit. hopefully the outfit you want to enter will work. to get the beach house you must spend diamonds to get the land/ beach property. I did not want to spend diamonds to get it so I do not know much else besides that.
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    Hello and thank you I'm not sure I understood everything but I will try to apply what you advise me! I'm French and my English is cooler as before I'm a little old to take it now! Too bad that the game and the forum is not translated into French but I like so much this game, which I play since .............. at least 10 years. I wish you a very good day see you soon!

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