Like many of you guys and gals, i've been around for a while. I freely admit i'm an addict.
Yes TPC has its pros and cons but we've all learned to live with it.
The game has become a mad battling fest twice a month nowadays, it was great fun until a few months ago.
After speaking to many of the top players from various guilds it's widely agreed the weekend battle has had the stuffing kicked out of it if you happen to get on the wrong board with not a hope in hell of winning due to a couple of guilds of full of unknown players that have suddenly popped up from nowhere.
Many players have spend good money over a long period of time to create a good game only to gave the stuffing kicked out of it by a bunch of nobodies.

If anyone can advise me how to find a bunch of players that are willing to play together and can average over 3k in a weekend without forum advertising, please PM me.

Anyway rant over from a player deciding weather or not to quit the game, it's just no fun anymore!