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Thread: Question about building prize ship

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    Question about building prize ship

    Has anyone else had this happen to them?...

    So it's not a really big deal, because, I am getting a lovely prize ship, but this has happened twice...

    Our guild wins one of the prize ships (super fun!). I go to accept my prizes and...

    One of the REALLY OLD expensive ships (this time it was the Dreadnought) starts building and I'm charged the rubies. I never purchased a handful of these ships originally because I wasn't from the very beginning of the cove when these ships were "all that" (lol). Other than the fact that I think it cost me 149 reds this time (and a similar amount the last time it happened, I imagine), it's really not worth the effort to complain (and I DID get the prize ship, as well). I just don't know WHY this has been happening. For the 300 reds (I'm guessing) that it's cost me so far, I could have done a few side quests or nearly gotten one of the cool ruby ships offered.

    Ok...just had to ask!

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    I have almost done this a few times. Not just with guild prize ships. With several others, such as coin ships. Just as I am about to tap ‘Place in Water’ the screen seems to slide to one of the expensive ships I have not built. Almost as if the game is trying to force me to build one of them. I have learned to be very sure that I do not tap until it is centered on the correct ship.
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    It happened to me a few weeks ago. So now I have a very expensive, but low ship in my cove. I think it is the Dreadnought.
    I wanted to build the ship from the weekly coinquest.
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    I have done this...if you are too quick to tap, you end up with a ship you did not want.
    PG has been very good about returning the rubies..send in a ticket explaining that you tapped a ship you did not want. With smaller staff, might take a bit but they will return the Reds.
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