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Thread: Tornado Cleanup Ship

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    Tornado Cleanup Ship

    This morning (1 Jan) I got a "free" Tornado Cleanup Ship.
    I've already got one, now I have two. Both are exactly the same.
    Thanks PG

    Does anybody else have had this welcome feature ?

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    Yes...PG gave all the ship due to the large number of players who could not get into their games to complete the weekly and get the ship.

    Very nice, PG.
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    As I understand it, it is aimed at all the players that did not submit tickets, do not know they can submit tickets, or who lost the ship again after it being given to them by PG. (Yes, the last happened to a team mate of mine). This relates to the Thursday we never receved a check off for the incorrect quest. It was the week of the Tornado Cleanup ship. Not to be confused in my opinion with the week of the Fire Phoenix where a lot of players lost access to the game. This still needs to be sorted out.

    PG, I am a bit biased here, but I think it is a wonderful idea that you are giving everybody a Blue ship. Lol. All jokes aside, thank you very much!

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    Thank You for the ship PG. We really appreciate it.
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