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Thread: Loading the game

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    Someone has since told me of being on the Battle board. That means that all the boards are active and my theory wrong. I still think there is a common denominator that links all the players that cannot access their games. I hope PG finds the bug soon. I also hope they can think of a suitable way to compensate these players as they could not do the fleet quest nor have a go at the individual versus. Come Monday there will also be the 20 rubies that we can get for a few coins as well as the new quests. Phew, the list is getting longer and longer ...

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    Some players count on the fleet quest to gain ships. Being able to beat the final pirate all the way, or even a few more levels than one did the last time, is a big accomplishment for players with small fleets.

    And prizes gained in the points event, especially the cannons/hulls offered in the GP side quests are important to all of us.

    Being locked out of the game through fleet quest and the individual points event is a huge disappointment. I hope PG offers compensation. As a good will gesture and apology to those who are locked out.

    And I sincerely hope they fix the problem ASAP. These players have lost a lot by not being able to access their games.
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    This is really a terrible problem for many people this weekend. Others can not log into game no matter what they do. We have had our moments in this game but all these problems now seems to be affecting more people than I have heard of on other occasions. Hopefully we do not loose these people. Will see.
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    Please do not delete your game and install it again. Thank you.

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    Jesse has posted regarding this issue.
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    Has any progress been made? Itís been a week and still no go on the logging on. Since this has been a known issue since 2012, why hasnít there been any progress?

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    I have the same Problem, my Game load from 28.12.2017 to today not. I wrote to the support team, because i became no answer. I love this game so.

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    I see people referring to Boards. I don't know what they are or what board I belong to. I too have not received an update other than Jesse's post.

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    Hello, my game startet until 28.12.2017 not, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkangel View Post
    Please do not delete your game and install it again. Thank you.
    What can I do, that the game load?

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