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Thread: Votes dropped from 20 to 17

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    Unhappy Votes dropped from 20 to 17

    My votes have dropped from twenty to seventeen. Has anyone else seen this? Do you know how to get it back to 20? I verified that my location is still Tokyo so I'm stuck on what to do. Thanks

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    I thought Tokyo's max number of votes was 15, until Barcabar posted that she has over 15. She said that she votes a lot and PG increased her maximum number of votes. Did your voting habits change? Can PG take back the extra votes if people are not using them? The other factor that effects the number of votes is if you win or lose the competition - winning in Tokyo = 5 bonus votes/ per entry if you lose the competition then you do not get the bonus number of votes. Is it possible that for that competition you changed the location because I think that could account for losing a few votes. Good luck! I hope this helps. I get bored voting especially when it does not seem to make as big of a difference as an entry - it just does not seem worth my time especially with so many identical/ similar entries, so I have never had this issue.
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    Hi Imani, is there a sheet somewhere that shows the maximum amount of votes for a certain location, like for example Tokyo?

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