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Thread: 1,000,000 Rubies!!!!

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    Between tomorrow and yesterday

    1,000,000 Rubies!!!!

    Here's a little Pocket Gem for those of you who are still seeking game-related content on the forum. No blubber here, all killer, no filler!

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    1,000,000 RUBIES!!!!

    brought to you by . . .


    (Keep dreaming the impossible dreams!)
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    Whoa! Igotahandit2u that's seriously alotta rubies, even your tree is smokin!

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    That,s one entry in the HOF I WONT be trying to beat. I am still here, now I only search one scene a week to trigger Monday madness and I am running down my ruby relics every 6 hours. I am still crafting level 10 gemstones😀

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    Way to go Gotta! Passed 50,000 and figure that is good enough. Your perseverance in this game is amazing.
    Level 117 just in time.

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    I gave up. Just couldn't find the oomph to keep going. Haven't opened the game since January 2. Check the forum every once in a while. Good luck to everyone still playing. It's was a great game. I have to say, though, this isn't the first game that gave out before I did. Come to think of it, those were pocket gem games too. Anyone remember Pocket Potions? �� emojis still don't work for me here. LOL

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