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Thread: Class Credits

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    Class Credits

    Has anyone made a thread with the number of credits needed to level up each job for the girls?

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    Not that I recall. But there could be one - I do not really know since I never needed it so I did not pay attention to it. The game will tell you the current number needed. As you upgrade their education, I believe it can raise the cost for cash items. I upgraded somewhat so I could have some cash to use, but then I stopped because it was making things more expensive and it was not really benefiting me to upgrade them. However, I imagine some people may just want to have everyone at the highest rank. I also use different education levels for different recruit categories (cash vs diamond), which was helpful before the shake to collect feature & even when it gave me a problem, I could see by their stack of money which to collect first. Is there a particular goal you have that you are wanting to know the education requirements?
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