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Thread: It is finished

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    It is finished

    According to my Profile, I first logged into this forum on 10/17/13 and now this morning on 10/17/17 I received no further re-runs of tombs. I have reached the end.

    This seems appropriate.

    It has been a fantastic ride here. From the learning experience of the Day Realm to my well documented need to organize lists.

    Thank you all for your wit and helpfulness and even for the debates.
    Special thank you to Spanish eyes for bestowing on me my nickname of Professor.

    I had considered collecting rubies until I got banned, but, I decided that would make me sad. So I will just move the game to the last page of my iPad with Hidden Agendas and Night at the Museum. Old friends in the back of the closet.

    All I can come up with is the quote from the movie the Agony and the Ecstasy:
    "When will you make it end?" "When I'm finished."

    I am finished.
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    Farewell, everyone.

    I wish you good fortune in the game.

    Even more than that, I wish you joy and well being in the real world.


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    I’d stopped playing last year, maybe a year and a half ago. I was reminded of this game when I had to replace my ipad, and I opened it up and started playing again, but the game was missing some stuff I'd been used to. Imagine my surprise to log into here to find out whats up, only to discover the game is at an end....

    I still have about a third of the game left to finish; day and night realms complete but only partway through the other two.

    Kind of not understanding why they won't at least continue weekend events... seems they have enough artwork and themes to recycle them to a new batch of players, esp since the game is still available for download in the app store.

    Sad. Really sad. This is one of the very few ipad games that actually held my attention for more than a few weeks.


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    I also miss the weekend events. I read the Hall Of Fame thread and it was both refreshing and sad. I actually deleted my game in January out of shear frustration at the inability to fix errors that stopped me from playing for weeks. I still pop into the forum every now and then.

    As the song goes “Those were the days” I really miss all the fun and lively chatter on the forum and the great family of players.

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    For me, it has finally ended. Today I reached 400K rubies and I have to say I am disappointed that I wasn’t banned. Oh well, disappointment is probably an apt way to finish a game that I loved so much but came to a very lacklustre end.

    To anyone that is still reading the forum, goodbye and farewell. It has been an interesting and enjoyable part of my life. I made some lovely friends, most of which have moved on to Seekers Notes. The highlight was meeting Wildflourgirl in LA. . My imagination has to conjure up the rest of you.

    Riding off into the sunset..........
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    I’m realizing how grateful I am the weekend events have ended. At the time, they were so important. Now I ask myself, WHY!

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    So, I wonder. Why did they end?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KarenP View Post
    So, I wonder. Why did they end?!
    Wilsoon told us the “team” no longer had the resources to support the events.
    "But, time will tell, of stars that fell
    A million years ago.
    Memories can never take you back, home, sweet home.
    You can never go home anymore."

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