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Thread: Looking for rich booty?

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    Cool Looking for rich booty?

    Due to an emergency CannonbllSkip has one open spot.

    If you still are looking for rich booty, then join our fun loving and supportive top 15 team within the next 6 hours. There are no requirements! Just show us what you can and get the chance to become a part of our awesome guild family.

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    Wow, one player found the right way to the treasure very quickly! :-)

    Skip is full now, but Cannonbllwalk still can need one or the other treasure seeker. Just apply within the next 4 hours!
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    There still are a few open spots in Cannonbllwalk! Every player gets the chance to play in CannonbllSkip or CannonbllJog if players there wants to take a weekend off. Do you want to find the right way to make a big haul? Then send me a PM or just join Cannonbllwalk :-)

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