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Thread: do the forums even WORK anymore?! Ugh.. anyway,dragon perch islands...

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    Dragon Perch islands??

    I recently bought a moon dragon, but is there an actual dragon perch island where you can rescue animals like the others, or are the only dragon perch islands those little ones with crates? Same when i rescued the palomino horse. Am i supposed to unlock a new region?
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    No idea. Im wondering that too, when the other premium regions will have tueir own lands. I got 1-2 from many regions and none has its own land yet, and im finishing riverlands in a few days. Sooo... Cant help you with this one, sorry.
    Oh and have no dragon perch animal yet. Only one i bought is the Parasaurolophus, cause for some weird reason i kept getting ancient land islands with grass while i only had the raptor from sickle island. And he clears trees and rocks. I was gonna miss on an island with 2 golden crates with gems in them, so i said screw my desire to finish the game by saving the animals from islands, im not missing on those gems! Guess imma have to wait some months for the dragons to show up. The limited time quests come every two weeks and there are plenty of animals left!!!! I'll probably be playing this game this tike next year too, or maybe 2019 as well, in this rhythm
    Hope it helped to make an idea! Best of luck with farming!

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