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Thread: No help from support

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    No help from support

    Yesterday my war dragons account could not be played because I kept getting an error message saying servers couldn't sync. So I finally gave up and tried again this morning to get a new message saying my account was permanently suspended. I've sent numerous emails to support and tried contacting through forums and website but no one will respond. I've been at it for hours. I've had problems with a previous account that I can no longer access too. Support does nothing from what I've been experiencing.

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    И у меня такая же проблема. Зачем поддержка,если они даже не отвечают на запросы?

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    Hi xxxSPENCExxx!

    To contact the War Dragons Support Team, please submit a support ticket here:

    There is also a War Dragons official forum where you can post questions and get help from the moderator team and other community members. Here is the link:

    I hope this helps!
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