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Thread: Hidden animal in pastopia mainland?

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    Hidden animal in pastopia mainland?

    I'm just curious about the hidden animal across the bridge in the pastopia mainland, (or some other region idk), and if i should spend my crystals on it- You know, the one across from the direwolf?

    (Not sure how to add image)
    Anyoneknow what animal is it, and if so what regions can it travel to?
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    The region is called Magical Clouds. The animal is a Unicorn. With a bit of grind you can easily collect enough crystals tu purchase all the animals given to you on the islands until the last standard region of the game (end of the game basically), so i see no reason why you would skip any bridge/animal. I got them all, and only paid like 6$ on those packs or something like that. Id have paid more had they offered more value packs, maybe, and had all the bugs been removed by now, but thats what it is, i guess.
    So, when you got spare gems, like over 1300, you can spare few hundreads on the MC region. Else dont bother with it, let it stay till you end the game, its not going anywhere. No timer. Use your gems on the sickle island, limited time islands and premium animals from standard regions. In less than 4 months you should finish the game, unless you have a full time job With a 60-70 gems a day average, or so, i mean.
    Hope it helps!

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