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Thread: I can't bloody move anything!

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    I can't move anything?

    Hi, I'm new to the game and im sorry if i sound stupid, but WHY can't i move anything, anywhere?! I go to move one of my habitats to a completely clear, free of obstacles and decorations space yet it will not let me accept! There is loterally nowhere i can move things except a few spaces left or right to where they already were. Is this just an annoying thing in the game, or can i do something to help it? Again sorry if this is completely natural and i sound like i'm stupid, but it is really annoying and i haven't figured much things out yet as i only joined the game a few days ago.

    Edit: lol sorry i figured it out, im a new player and know nothing about the game xD
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    There are regions like pastopia and magical clouds, extra side islands like the initial one you get on the right side of the grassy savanah at some point, and spots on the main island like underneath farm plots or other delimitations on the edge, where you cannot place things anyhow you want them placed! Or at all! At least on the edge of some regions, after a new region is added on that edge and the edge of the mainland moves to the new region added, that spot becomes usable. But on the other ones you cant do anything about it, unfortunately!
    I know your frustration. Those parts of my island look so outta context too. Its so annoying i even wanted to quit cause of it a few times. But im close to finishing the standard game so i guess i can put up with it a few more weeks.
    Id advise you to not move the houses after you build them on those places! Test them on all plots and see what you wanna build where and only click the green check button on the plot you think it would look best and you would never wanna change it! Nothing you can do and nothing anyone could do. Game is outta development.

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