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Thread: Tungsten v Chocolate

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    Tungsten v Chocolate

    I had been planning to spend my rubies on the wrenches needed to craft an anvil. But that would set my other crafting back a few days, so I'm wondering if there's a better option to get more out of digsites?

    Using diamond ought to be a better option, but it appears to be worse - fewer tree drops and power tokens, but just as many useless coins. So instead I'm thinking of using some of the rubies to max out my candy bar supply. That should bring more useful stuff in their place, and if it doesn't, at least they're consumable!

    Has anyone else tried that strategy? Would you recommend it?
    And if the supply is maxed out, how is the daily bonus affected?

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    My strategy didn't work - instead of maxing out, it continued to give me more chocolate bars. So I crafted an anvil, but the shovel smith seems to only produce one shovel per day - that's half what I was expecting.

    So apart from playing more, does anyone have a good strategy to get more shovels and power tokens? It now seems like the slots might be my best bet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heavyrail View Post
    the shovel smith seems to only produce one shovel per day - that's half what I was expecting

    . 'gotta love PG's generosity with the one shovel reward..."hey Big Spender!"

    As for getting more tokens and shovels...that is a real downside to the disappearance of the Daily Quests and the Multi-Part Quests...the shovel and token rewards were quite generous at times. Lower level players are missing out big time as a result of the PG decision to just let things sink.
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