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Thread: Why so much sweet savage?

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    Why so much sweet savage?

    I love my team but battling has become a real issue for me. Nearly 70% of my ships end up as sweet savage. Last night I drew sweet savage 17 out of 21 battles! On the 18th draw I finally gave up! There really isn't much hope when the ships are placed that unfairly against the player. I reasoned at 30 rubies each and mind you some can't be repaired regardless of the cost, that I easily could have spent twenty dollars last night in one battle to gain maybe twenty points! Out of the thousands needed to help my team move up, my points and my money would be insignificant. I know other players get sweet savage but I'm not sure if they are getting it to the extent I have been as this happens to me nearly every battle. At the least it is extremely boring to face the same ship over and over and over again and at the most it's unfair. Battles should be reasonable and fair to all players without sending them only one specific ship. It's very discouraging and I refuse to spend another Ruby on that ship! I hope this issue will be addressed or others will come forward if they have the same issues. I'm not sure what is going on but I will not spend a single Ruby on sweet savage ever.

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    I have been thinking of starting a thread like this. You are NOT alone!

    I have been getting sweet salvage ships that would require 8 repairs to fight with no damage. And that is with a ship with 13,980A and 6,100D BEFORE adding boosts! Seriously, 8 repairs. 40 rubies!!!!!!!

    If you want me to quit the game, PG, just say so. I am easy to find. Go to my Good News thread and post something like:

    "We want you to quit the game!" I will get the message.

    I know Snow and I are not alone. Not only have the sweet salvage ships come one after another after another, and been ridiculously hard to beat, there has been a distinct lack of banners this weekend.

    I did not want to start a thread, as I do not want to be accused of being a whiner, but since it is up already, I decided to add my 2 cents worth.

    Well said, Snow, and thank you for posting it!

    And my team is unranked in world ranks and has been on the board with the same leader the last two events. It is pretty discouraging to face top team after top team and get 15 or more ridiculously, impossibly hard sweet salvage ships in a row. I would love to fight a team ranked 10 or 15 places below mine, and not always the ones way above us. (Rankings on the board we fight on, whichever one it may be.)

    And yes, I know that would make me the bully, picking on the little guy.

    Okay, whining over. I am going to grab my jar of cookie dough and go fight more sweet salvage ships now.
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    Same here but nothing sweet about it....many in our guild are getting this ship relentlessly. This last time it was about 90% of the time for myself. It's as bad as the last round of the 3x50.
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    Same in D'Art Friends.
    Prob not too big a deal for the teams that continually win the top ship, PG. But they are a tiny percentage of players. Many hate to battle but do it for their guild mates. So why all the high repair ships? It is getting worse and worse.

    As SC said, tell us if the game is over and you want us to quit playing.
    And I do not care if there are banners or no banners but be consistent...all or none.

    Or surprise all of us with something to reward us for sticking wth you through thick and thin.

    PG skeleton crew, response?
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