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Thread: 58th Guild Battle event as it is happening - July 14, 2017

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    Final score for Revenge
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    Final for Melee

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    Name:  IMG_2428.JPG
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    Truly was a battle for the finish!
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    Missing part of Melee

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    Global Rank

    58th Guild Battle Global Ranking

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    Congratulations to all who won the TOP ship.
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    A few final scores from Battle:

    Name:  IMG_8784[1].jpg
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    Name:  IMG_8785[1].jpg
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    That's all I have. If anyone else has more, please post them.

    Immediately after I posted the message, someone else sent me some more results! Wow, that's teamwork!

    There may be slight variations in points totals from what the two different people sent me, but only by 1 point in each case.

    The number of helpers who collaborated on getting these results out is up by two more. Thank you!
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    I think Melee was the toughest board this time. 3 guilds put up over 50,000 points each. And occupy the 2-4 spots on the global listing. That is some very heavy hitting. Cannoncrusher was the punching bag for one of them. We played Weareonefamily several times, including the final round. So we got to see first hand how they went about battling their way to the 2nd spot. The final scores don't reflect how truly close the battle was at times. With 1 hour to go, the leaderboard looked very different, with Rowdywarriors in 3rd and StellaPolaris in 1st.
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    Congratultions to all who had the excitement of winning a top boat for the first time!
    Congratulations to all who won the top ship!
    Congratulations to all who won a ship fior the first time!
    Congratulations to all who won a ship!
    Congratulations to all who got a personal best or guild best!
    Congratulations to all winners of prizes!

    Thank you very much to all who helped posting scores. Without you, this list will not be possible.

    Thank you Riton for posting the final comparison.

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