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Thread: News Regarding iOS 11

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    News Regarding iOS 11

    Hey everyone,

    It has recently come to our attention that the next version of iOS (iOS 11) will no longer support games that run on 32-bit. What this unfortunately means is that some of our Pocket Gems titles will end a bit sooner than we had originally anticipated. Itís important to note that this does not apply to the following games: War Dragons, Episode Interactive, Tap Paradise Cove, Campus Life, and Secret Passages.

    I do apologize as I understand we had stated earlier in April that we would see some of these games being around in the store for at least another year out. Currently we donít have any plans to upgrade any of our existing 32-bit titles to 64-bit. This is largely due to the complications that can come from upgrading to 64-bit. The process takes quite a bit of time and resources to do, and we do not have enough people available to help make the conversion to 64-bit for these titles.

    We will be sure to continue to provide more information on how this will adjust our plans as well as we intend to do as things move closer. I do want to also be sure to point out that we are not advising that players should not update their iOS version. There are many security updates that are bundled into each iOS update that is important to consider, and it would be remiss of us to advise against updating your iOS version. While it is sad to see our 32-bit titles go, we are excited about our supported titles, such as War Dragons, Episode, Tap Paradise Cove, Campus Life, and Secret Passage. We would love for you to join us there!


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    Hi Jesse.......thanks for the update info .........i am happy to see that Tap Paradise Cove will continue! It is the game I love the most!!!
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    If titles are disappearing and you are asking players to join on supporting titles....Are you inferring that PG is consolidating resources to focus on supported games? If so......these games are slated for slow down....right? I don't get it!

    Why ask players to move elsewhere for and then to be eventually disappointed?

    Reason why I am stating!!!! PLEASE.....PLEASE.....PLEASE Consider a rewrite for TPC!

    I do play War Dragons and it seems that a lot of the concerns here at TPC are addressed there in WD. For example, guild war fairness! Guilds advance to higher tiers the better they perform, giving newer guilds a chance at top prizes. Sharing of resources amongst other perks.


    I know this has been brought up before, but not resting on it!
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    In case you want to read my latest rant with regards to what Jesse wrote on 7/5/17 in Post #1:

    It might be easier just to start reading post #113 running through post #129 in the the "No daily quests . . ." thread in the SP forum.
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    If we don't do the updare, could we be able to still play TPC and get the new quests?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Damedesetoiles View Post
    If we don't do the updare, could we be able to still play TPC and get the new quests?
    Just wondering the same thing myself but I see that nobody from PG has ever answered your question!

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    Actually, the answer is in the original post, albeit poorly worded. In short, TPC is a 64-bit game and will not be affected by the changes in iOS11. There should be no downsides for TPC users in upgrading to the latest iOS when it comes out.
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    Anybody updated yet to iOS 11? Feedback? Thanks in advance
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    Iíve update and doesnít seem to be any issues with TPC.
    However, I havenít been able to find a way to crop screenshots once you save them to your device like you could before with the edit function. You can crop them if you do it straight away but not once they are saved. If anyone knows different please let me know
    However 1 good thing, if you crop a screenshot when you take it you can now post straight on here without having to change the format 1st
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