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Thread: Bring back Supermodels!!

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    Bring back Supermodels!!

    Hello! I love Campus Life and everything abour it, I used to play Episode back in 2015 and then I started playing Campus Life. I started playing Campus Life in 2016 and then stopped because I was getting really distracted and it didn't let me focus in school. Then, this year I started playing it again when my grades were a little bit higher and I became aware that the Supermodel feature was gone. I was really annoyed and I started searching in google what was this about. Then I realised it has been gone since September of last year, really PG? It has been 8 months since you've taken this awesome feature claiming you would bring it back as soon as you could, saying that at the end of the week this problem would be already solved, well guess what, we're still waiting.. And besides, I also heard that Campus Holiday is going to be taken out of the App Store, are you kidding me? I'm really disappointed at you guys. I know you are not the most popular company but be loyal to your customers, we support you and we take our time every single day to play the games you offer us. Don't get me wrong, as I said before I love Campus Life bus some of the things you do can really get on my nerves. By the way, you can follow me on instagram as @campuslife_fans for some tips, although that account is inactive, I have lots of useful posts. Thank you in advance for your help, I look forward to receiving a prompt answer at your earliest convinience.

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    Hi Lucille,

    Sadly as of November 2016, PG staffs has confirmed that the Supermodel feature would not be coming back anymore.

    See this thread.
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