Assuming that the game is not slowly smothered and guildevents are not abandoned I have a few ideas to keep the game alive. I am new to the forum and haven't read all so sorry if things have been mentioned before.

Improve the prize structure for events.
Only the top teams have something to fight for in battle events. And even for them an increase with a couple of hundred xp's for the prize ship would probably be much appreciated.
But for the vast majority of active teams the gettable prizes are just not interesting.
My team finished 33 in the last event and the highest prize we got, place 50, were 120 keys and we fought hard for that. I liked the keys but most of my teammembers who don't score that many points are not impressed.

So here is an idea: since there is vast amount of existing older smaller ships and equipment why not use them for the lower and mid range prizes. The ships can be slightly changed, a change in colour, xp's, name, job quickly done it would seem. And older guns and shields can be left unchanged or offered upgraded. Everybody likes fuse material.
Give the majority of players something more interesting to go for. Chances are more players will want to develope further.

Old hands are often complaining about lack of storage. I understand an increase in storagespace is being considered. But why not also create an extra unwooded cove just for display purposes. Most players like to see their acquisitions displayed.
This would be just 2 dimensional storage space from which you cannot collect.
Probably to much technical effort for the new situation but perhaps not.

Hopefully there are more ideas, but keep in mind to keep it realistic. Things are going to change. But if we keep the game attractive new players will keep coming and who knows what will happen. Well, hope springs eternal doesn't it.