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Thread: Possible solution if game does not load

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    Possible solution if game does not load

    If you have an iPad and the game suddenly refuses to load try this:

    Start the game and wait for the connection with the server. The game will then quit loading after a standard period of about 30 sec's, but if you put the game in background by pushing the home button and then within 30 sec's make the game active again the game will load. It then crashes...but load again and problem solved!
    It may require several tries.

    A permanent solution is a re-install but you will have to submit a ticket and wait for a reaction. It is advisable though and also frees a lot of memory. But this is the easy way.

    This loadingproblem happens to me every tuesday when there is a special guildmission like today. Yes, I know, I should re-install.
    Of course if it doesn't work contact PG.

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    While this could work in some situations, there are many other reasons that a game will crash or fail to load and in some cases a reinstall will complicate the problem further.

    My advise would be to send in a ticket, your crash reports would help determine why this is occurring.

    Note, to always back up your game/device. Especially if you are going to reinstall, check how much free storage you have available. The older devices do not have sufficient RAM for this game and could result in data loss when using OPs solutions.

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