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    Santa Maria ship

    I have just opened up new land by doing an old quest that had been there for ages. This led to another quest which requires me to buy the Santa Maria ship which I think must be one of the 1st ships from when the game started because the stats are so low! It costs a lot of rubies & I would really prefer not to waste them on such a weak ship. Does anyone know if there is any value to purchasing this ship, other than completing the old quest? I am figuring that maybe finishing that quest will lead to another one which will open up more land as although I have been playing PC for a long time there are still several areas with quests attached to them that I had not cleared due to the fact that I had to clear one that took quite a few rubies in order to get to them & didn't have enough.

    I think I recall seeing a thread about this (or maybe it was one of the other old ships, not too sure) but can't seem to find it, so so I'd appreciate any info you have on the Santa Maria.

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    Santa Maria is a 4 hour repair ship, which I do find useful when needing to have lower ships for multiple battles a day. Although I wouldn't say it is worth the rubies. For little more you can buy an LTO ships for 349 rubies with much greater stats.

    Hopefully that helps.
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    You don't need to buy the Santa Maria to open up more land. It is only a sidequest. In the questtopic of the forum you can find a topic called: "ruby quest line". There you can find the answers to your questions. Perhaps someone can post a link to that topic, I don't know how to do that.
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    Thanks again for the help guys.

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    It is still in my "unbought" ship list along with about 5 quests in the main menu that have been there from the beginning of time.
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    I like this ship most primarily for it's low stats for finishing touch and quick repair time!! This, Beth and Crimson are next to Chris in performance!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pinkpanther View Post
    I like this ship most primarily for it's low stats for finishing touch and quick repair time!! This, Beth and Crimson are next to Chris in performance!!
    I don't remember crimson, but would still not spend the reds for Maria. She's just too costly.
    Amendment: I have already acquired that ship........must have been sitting with the rum at that time.
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