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Thread: Some News Regarding Runway Life

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    Some News Regarding Runway Life

    Hey everyone,

    Many of you will likely have noticed that its been awhile since weve released new content for Runway Life. It is with sadness that I must announce that we have officially wrapped up all content for Runway Life. Runway Lifes existing content will still be available to play, we just will not be releasing new content for the foreseeable future. We want to thank everyone for the time and dedication you have put into playing Runway Life and making the community the amazing place that it has been.

    Its important to note that we are not shutting the game down, though we will be reducing the size of the team to allocate resources to our other games. What this means it that everyone will still be able to play the game if you already have it. Well also be sure to help with getting you all started in some of our other live games if there are any of our other live games you are interested in. Well also be sure to let you know if we make any additional changes to the game going forward.

    Its been an honor working together with you all to provide the content for everyone the past few years! Please let us know if you have any questions.


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    Some News Regarding Runway Life

    It would be great to have everyone come back There's lots of great people who we haven't seen in some time.

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    Hopefully this will make the game more attractive

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    Having issues with the league loading opponents for voting and photo voting. Is this because of the employees being shifted to other games?

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    Nena I believe the League had a loading glitch that PG could not fix. I think it made players frustrated so they quit and without the player support I think PG decided it was best to stop adding new content and have the staff work on other games. Photo voting may not have enough players to load competitions for voting.
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