Hey everyone,

As you all have noticed itís been a bit of time since weíve released new content. Iím here today to officially announce that we will no longer be creating any new content for Tap Zoo in the foreseeable future. It was a great run and weíre really glad that you were all able to be there with us through it all. We also want to really thank everyone for helping to make the community as great of a place that it was.

Itís important to note that we are not shutting the game down, though we will be reducing the size of the team to allocate resources to our other games. What this means is that everyone will still be able to play the game if you already have it. Weíll also be sure to let you know if we make any additional changes to the game going forward.

Itís been an honor working together with you all to provide the content for everyone the past few years!