Hey everyone,

Itís Jesse from Pocket Gems here to to give everyone an update on some changes weíll be seeing in some of our games. Starting on 08/01/2017 we will be removing in-application purchases from the following games:

-All Talk
-Campus Life (Android)
-Tap Dragon Park
-Tap Safari
-Tap Zoo (Android)
-Tap Zoo Santa's Quest
-Tappily Ever After

This means that all transactions for these games will no longer be able made through the iTunes App Store/Google Play Store. We will be keeping our servers online for them, which means you will still be able to play if you already had these games on your device since it is no longer able to be downloaded from the iTunes App Store/Google Play Store.

Thanks everyone for all of your support and love for our games that youíve shown us. We truly appreciate it and canít wait to see what the next next chapter holds for us together!