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Thread: Few suggestions to improve the game

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    Few suggestions to improve the game

    Hi PG,

    I have a few suggestions that might help improve the game...

    1. Docks
    It would be nice if we would be able to arrange our ships in different docks. I would like to have all my ships arranged by repair time, boost, and BP voyages.

    2 Crafting
    I have so many sapphire and emeralds that I would like to convert to BP but 1 BP takes 12hrs. Would be nice if we would be able to craft as many BP along as we have the required materials.

    3 Fusing
    This was a suggestion from our guild leader... we have so many ships that only have 1 equipment slot and there really weak for battles. If we could maybe fuse 3 ships to give them 3 equipment slots and maybe add there attack and defense. We can maybe do that for really weak ships that we got years ago that are no longer good for battling... fuse 3 weak ships to give them a new life. We can only do it for ships that do not exceed 500 in attack and are not important like Beth's cruiser which we need for point events.

    4. Individual battle event prize structure
    The guild battle event rewards the top 10 guilds with a ship, most of the top guilds have 25 members so that means that 250 players get a ship. When we have an individual battle event only the top 4 players get a ship. Can we make it so that the top 15-20 players get a ship? This will make it more rewarding to finish in the top 15-20. We can make it for the top 4 players to get the ship at its max tier and 5-8 get it a little bit lower in attack 9-12 a lower tier and 13-20 the lowest tier of the ship.

    5. Friday Ship Sale
    If we can add just 1 thing, I hope it's this suggestion. We should have a ship for sale on Friday that can only be purchased with real MONEY NOT RUBIES. The ship should be a strong ship starting at 3,800 and each week keep increasing the attack and dense by 15 points. The ship should also have a fast repair time like 4hrs that way you can use it every other guild battle. The price has to be a reasonable price like $1.99 the price of a cup of coffee and put a max of 1 ship per player and maybe put a little more effort in the design of the ship that will make them stand out more. I think this will increase the revenue so that maybe other upgrades can be made to the game that we all love.

    I still have many more suggestions for this game but I do not want to overwhelm you. I would also love to hear from the PG community if these are a good idea or maybe just keep it the way it is.

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    So, I guess PG can just delete this thread entirely lol.

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    Nah, they will just ignore it. Deleting it would require someone to take action.

    They are all perfectly good, rational suggestions. Which is why they will be ignored. Cynical much? Who me? You bet your bippy!
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