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    I have a player that is only able to collect 3 rubies in a 24 hour period, does anyone else have this problem?

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    Do you mean about the video adds? THere is a thread and several messages explaining it.

    For me it is like that; 3 rubies in the main cove. Then I have to go in Atlantis, Asgard or Montesuma to get another 3 rubies. THen I have to log out and wait sometime and logging again and redoing it untitll I got the max of a day.
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    If there is a pirate in your cove, watch the 3 videos you can, and then fight the pirate. One of the in-game pirates, not the friends in your cove. then try again. If you go to Asgard, look for Fenrir's figment. You should be able to fight it without damage to your ship. Then try to watch videos again. It is a pain, but worth it if it gains your player more rubies.

    And depending on where in the world the player is, they may not be able to watch more than 3 per day.
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    The where in the world plays a big role in how many ads you get. It is also a long long time since I saw the max number of rubies for my area. I do not count on the income from ads any more as it is too unreliable. Some days I do only get 3.

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