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Thread: Tent gobe. Confused player is here. Why my tent is gone?

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    Unhappy Tent gobe. Confused player is here. Why my tent is gone?

    Dear anyone,

    Why my tent is gone??? How can I get that back???
    and how can I get diamdonds if my tent is gone?????
    (Pls dont tell me to recruite diamond girls.I have recruited diamond girls its not helping much to get diamond).
    And does anybody know what bobcat statue is and where to get that???


    Confused player.........::::
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    When you complete all the tent quests, the tent disappears. You cannot get it back.

    Sources of diamonds - watching videos gives a chance of winning a diamond, cash yacht spins have a chance of winning diamonds, golden petals have a chance of winning diamonds, WWE/ eternal keys have a chance of winning diamonds, if you sale items in the boutique and have pearls you can do a daily exchange of 100 pearls for 1 diamond, you can buy diamond producing decor (however they generally cost a few hundred diamonds and will take awhile to pay for themselves, diamond girls have a chance of a giving a diamond so collect your salaries often (players say it is better to have a diamond girl that gives her salary more often because it is more chances to get the diamond - your leader, Kim, Mystery Box Girls, & Eternal Closet Recruits). The fastest way to get diamonds and the best way to ensure you do not miss out of limited time diamond content is to buy diamonds. If you cannot or will not do that then save your diamonds and spend carefully. Before I started buying diamonds, I mostly spent them on diamond giving recruits because buying diamond clothes would not help me earn diamonds. However, it was slow, requires patience, and I missed out on a lot of content some of which I regret missing.

    I cannot remember about the bobcat statue. If it is part of a quest you should be able to click a button for it to take you to the item. It should be in the shop tab and decor section.
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