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Thread: Ruby treasure pile

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    Ruby treasure pile

    One of my guild mates has said that she is only winning shovels when she digs in the premium (ruby) treasure pile. The same thing happened last time and as a result she now has 21,000 shovels - she would rather win some rubies! Is this happening to anyone else?

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    Yes it happened to me. I might have gotten 6-7 rubies and a couple hundred shovels. Kind of like spinning with mermaids. You think you are going to win but you do not.

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    In fact I dig only for rubies. If the first dig gives me only shovels, I stop right away and wait few hours. I have the feeling that there is a factor (as mermaid) that makes it good, very good or bad or very bad. Until now, i have an average of 4-5 openings. With the shovels that I won when opening, I could opened between 5 to 8 times. I won always rubies. The smallest total for all the opening is about 50 something ( not so sure of the real number) and the biggest was about 150-160. For a single opening the biggest has been 48 rubies and once a huge amount of rubies, bigger of that. So, yes it gives rubies but as the color key chest or the key chest, IF you get nothing, get out of the IT, swap the game out of the memory or simply come back later.
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