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Thread: Overall score in world events issue

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    Overall score in world events issue

    This is already the second time I noticed that the overall score for the world events I am participating in does not add up properly...for example now, after 19 showdowns in the Retro Hollywood world event, I have a score of 1349, when I should have 1999 - quite some difference...
    Does this happen to anyone else besides me?

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    The scoring for the WWE works differently you get you actual total score. For example, if you had 122 points that's what gets added to your score not the 100 points for winning at Tokyo. I actually like the scoring better for the WWE because you can usually get more points this way especially if you can get about 50% of the votes. Even if you lost with a total score of 67 that's still more than you would usually get. Now you know hopefully you can get more points. I hope this helps clarify it.
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