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Thread: Sweetheart Birthday Goal.. Lost Keys?

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    Unhappy Sweetheart Birthday Goal.. Lost Keys?

    I stupidly started this goal as thought it was something different.. I stopped doing the goals for collecting collectables as they never ever gave them out enough to finish.. Anyway seeing as I had started thought I would try again & when I got past the second part it said I had won 2 keys.. I cannot find them anywhere??? I then thought maybe it would give them when I finish so finished the goal just now giving 8 gems to finish (as usual never had enough hamburgers to finish in time) and won 2 gems for my troubles and NO keys!! Can anyone tell me where they are as looked in the fashion showdown and not there either?
    Other issues are.. Spin the wheel only ever gives me 20 knowledge.. I put clothes up for sale and they never ever sell.. Worst of all seeing as I have bought all the clothes with money the only option to buy clothes is gems and all the goals are in most having to use gems with the very rare option of getting to buy clothes.. The daily video for gems does not work.. I might as well abandon the game the same way I think the developers have!!

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    Hi Dbeattiezois. Welcome to the forum. I'll try and answer and address some of your issues/questions

    I believe the Tent Keys serve no purpose in the game and just stay in storage. There's not really anything you can do with them nor can you use them in the game. They usually are kept in Storage > Collectibles, but have no use.

    As for the wheel spinning, it might just be bad luck that you keep getting 20 knowledge points. I usually get cash or diamonds from a spin.

    In regards to the Boutique and trying to sell clothes - this can be hit and miss for most players. Saleability will often depend on what items you are selling (dresses and gowns sell better) and how exclusive the items are (rare gowns and diamond clothes will sell better). Of course, the price of the item will affect sales and when you decide to list the item. Usually, items will sell better during Boutique Quests, as people are actively searching the boutique for items to finish the quest and win the rewards. It also helps to list items for 250P, 350P and 500P at this point, as players trying to complete quests quickly will look for items of these values to complete each step of the quest.

    If you've bought all the items in the closet, the best way to gain more clothes is through Cash quests and Boutique. Unfortunately, as the Models feature shutdown there is less chance to 'gain' new clothing. You can also try completing some steps of a Diamond quest to get more clothes and accessories.

    The best way to play the game without spending real money is to save up diamonds and recruit diamond girls, Mystery Box Girls and Seasonal Recruits (they're the best), as they will pay out diamonds. They'll soon give you a steady income of diamonds that you can use to purchase diamond clothing.

    Of course, playing videos also should give you 1-3 diamonds every six hours, on average. If you aren't getting to watch 4 videos every 6 hours, please submit a ticket to PG (game developers) and explain the glitch and they will reimburse you for the lost diamonds.

    Hope this helps!

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