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Thread: Ridiculous survey today

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    Ridiculous survey today

    Hi all,

    Sorry for opening a thread on an actually minor issue, but I needed that to be able to stop shaking my head...

    I still open SP once a day to do the daily quest and intend to do so at least until I have collected the wrenches for another anvil - FWIW... When I opened it today the game asked me to participate in a survey for 50 gold (wow...). That made me a little curious. Would PG ask if I would be interested in continuing the game? How much new content I would like?

    But far wrong: the only question was if I would recommend SP to a friend (and why)! REALLY PG? Why should anyone do so at the moment? Has anyone thought about that for only a second? I can understand that not any game cannot be continued and supported forever - although I regret that such decision has obviously be taken for SP. But this survey is just ridiculous and another indication of PG's lack of interest for players.

    I am sorry that I had to get back to the forum with a kind of rant. I hope you are all doing well and are using the time you do not have to spend for playing SP now for something reasonable.
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    OTBB. It is lovely to hear from you for any reason and you never rant, ever.
    I am as amazed, surprised, disgusted, annoyed, frustrated and several other more impolite words that PG can be so foolhardy as to send out such a thing at this time.
    After I calmed down I wondered with my silly side:- If we all answer with a positive, will they then re-instate with bells and ribbons all the best of SP? now there is a dream.......mmmmmm....... SE drifts off into a make believe world where everything is sweetness and light...mmmmmm.......
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    Well I actually have recommended SP to friends and I might even do that now - with all the appropriate qualifiers -
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