I have bought packs using real money. I used those packs to buy Gold chest during an event in order to get energy packs for that same one. At the end of the event i had packs left so i fugured id use them now and have 116 energy right at the start (SCREENSHOT AS PROOF AND SENT IT TO THEM) of the next event and add another 100 energy.

On the following event using energy i lost my 100 energy leaving at 16 energy...i sent a msg to support and theyre reply was like this:" we are sorry but it seems the energy does not tranfer from on event to another. Please keep that in mind in the future"

Now this person didnt even seem to be aware it wasnt transferable and was as surprised as i was, also her remark about "keep that in mind for the future" was to me, rude and unproffessional.

I asked to get the energy back but the person said they cant do refunds, so i asked to have the energy packs (10) back...dont forget i paid real money to get those (66$ can. For the event pack)...still they said it was unfortunate for me and they cant do anything to help.

Now if THEY dont even seem to be aware that things like that can happen HOW SHOULD WE AND WY SHOULD WE PAY FOR IT? THAT to me is bad coding and to blame the consumer for not knowing this kjnd of thing could happen is just disrespectfull to theyre costumer base.

For a company that makes a ton of money daily with online purchases and to not "refund" a player like that is just disgracefull.

So if you want my advice DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME you never know when they will take it from you and tell you "YEAH WE STOLE UR MONEY, TOO BAD FOR YOU, REMEBER THAT FOR THE FUTURE"