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Thread: [Service Interruption] Why was the forum broken?

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    Lightbulb [Service Interruption] Why was the forum broken?

    Hi Everyone,

    We apologize for the inconvenience of the forum being down for the past 12-18 hours. Our forum host contacted us about our SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate expiring, which happens each year. We received the verification e-mail round 3am last night and have since sent the request and had it approved (which is how you're once again able to access the forum).

    What is SSL?
    In very simple terms, SSL is the encryption between your browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.) and the site (PG Forums) to ensure no one but those two are able to understand what's being communicated in order to create a secure environment.

    Again, we apologize for the interruption in service and thanks for your patience!

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    Wilsooon, I had the "can't verify server identity" message come up yesterday and tapped "Continue" and was able to access the forum with no further problems. I was familiar with this because it happened to me once with GoDaddy email and just recently with my electric company as I was trying to pay my online bill.

    I'm wondering though, having read your explanation, by tapping "continue" to bypass the error message, if my device might have been vulnerable for a brief time...

    Too late now I guess...

    Oh, never mind...I just read DA's post in the Forum Issues thread...
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    Sal. I just answered Darks post because I read it before this one. With Chrome I could not get passed the message but never even saw it on Safari. Confusing or what!
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