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Thread: Expansions, etc.

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    Expansions, etc.

    I have expanded all beachfront land. What do I need to complete to be able to buy land in a different area of the map? I also am wondering why I have not been able to sign any new models. I have four left to work on, and would like to advance in the game. I am looking for a Christmas Tree to add to one of my rooms as well. How can I find one in the game? Hope someone can help me out! Thanks in advance.

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    I have also contacted the Pocket Gems Help Centre and have received no reply to the above post. Other people are wondering if Runway Life is on its way out...come on guys! Give us decor and clothes! I would like the Christmas Tree I see in some photos, as well as the lovely piano! Bring back the good stuff, I still really enjoy this game.

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