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Thread: Not compatible with this device

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    Not compatible with this device

    I needed a new cell phone so I bought a Huawei but now I can't download Animal Voyage because of compatibility issues. Is there any way I can download it to this phone. I really love this game.

    I hope somebody can come up with an answer.
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    I guess nobody has an answer
    That's Tee kee' rahm

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    i have same problem! somebody please help us

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    I don't really have an answer, I play my game(Secret Passages) on an iOS device...but if you're getting " not compatible" that sounds pretty telling.

    Unless someone with more knowledge swoops down to help, you might consider sending a PM to a PG employee.

    Good luck!
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    What were you playing on before your Huawei?
    Trying to simplify as best I can.
    Basically there are three main platforms - iOS (Apple) Android, and the late comer to the party Microsoft.
    None of the three will cross over with the other as they are all written differently so if you were playing on a different platform you need to start all over again with your new phone.

    Edit. I have just read my answer and I am not satisfied that is the problem. When you visit your app store is after that the compatibility message is given? If it is then the problem is the link between the app store and the phone and it might be worth contacting the local rep. for the phone and asking the question.
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