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Thread: Re. Issues Posting Cropped/Edited Pics with "Wrong File Extension"

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    Re. Issues Posting Cropped/Edited Pics with "Wrong File Extension"

    PG Arlene provided some information addressing problems players are experiencing when attempting to post cropped or edited photos to the forum. It was originally posted in the Paradise Cove forum. Salmo23 then copied and pasted it into the Secret Passages forum. I have copied Salmo's paste here for CL players:

    Quote Originally Posted by salmo23 View Post
    Regarding the problem of not being able to post pictures due to "wrong file extension", I found the following info in the TPC forum...

    Quote: Arlene(geekverde) from Support,

    "Finally, on the weird can't upload pictures that have been cropped/edited:

    Okay this is not strictly speaking a Tap Paradise Cove issue, this is an Apple/vBulletin issue, but I researched it anyway because that is my nature. I need to know things and I didn't know what was causing that.

    Apparently what is happening is that when you edit a photo iOS in its infinite wisdom decides to rename/change the extension to .png. However, the photo itself is still a JPEG. This is where the problem arises, because the forum software (vBulletin) has checks in place that looks at the image, looks at the image extension and then says "Newp! You have the wrong extension! I will not post this for you!"

    Apple broke this in 9, too, and then eventually fixed it. So this annoyance will likely be fixed sooner or later, too. In the meantime, you can either do as was suggested above and take a screenshot of your edited image and upload that OR you can send your edited image to your computer and then simply change the file extension to .jpg and that should calm vBulletin down and allow you to post your image to the forum."
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