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    Roses - I want the feature to continue even without the Rose/Petal Events. I do not mind seeing the beautiful recolors.

    Unreleased items While I don't profess to understand all the technical aspects of the game, I find it odd that players are using items a few days before they are released. If it was a rose recolor why use it right before the release of the quest would not we have seen it before. I thought PG fixed the 500 recruit glitch or was it only fixed for the players that they knew had the issue because that would not be a true fix because then other players could recruit their 500th girl and have the glitch.

    The Issue of Spoilers I do not mind seeing sneak peaks of upcoming items. Nic used to do that. What I mind is that if players are hacking the game and then bragging about it & cheating by entering unreleased items. I want PG to address hacking because they said they do not tolerate it. If it is a glitch, they should also probably address it because it is probably hurting venue because if players get nice clothes for free why pay money and support the game.

    Today's Pink Gown I saw it in voting on Friday. It is the same player. I took a screen shot because I had never seen it before in the pink though I just assumed it was from a rose.

    WWE I would love to get the 1. Rainbow and 2. Black & White WWE items PG said they would give us since the events had issues.
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