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Thread: Let's discuss LTQs here VII

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    oh and of course, just my luck, the Weekend I opted out of event (also cuzz uuuuuuggggggg another Glitter Yawn can we at least toss in a Spring Garden thats Not archaic or Summer Sumthin) they have an

    Amazing Reward aaaaarrrggggg like how Cute is that silver with blue,

    why always the Cute stuff when Im away lol and Ugh again I skipped out on I think rockstar, pop I dont know forgot, them I see they mistaked n gave the Flower cage gown OMG I love that Gown Uggggggg Again I missed it LOL,

    I swear I have THE worst game luck in the world :-

    ah well, Ill get over it LOL

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    Today’s Quest

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    Enjoying Campus Life since Sept. 2012! *Hope more people keep playing CL & other PG games*

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    forum going byebye, well that sucks. Dang. Sigh. I hate Life Changes sometimes LOL, ugh these past few years I just not be liking all these changes, its depressing.

    So well, I rambled on yesterday about the game and my dread of it going bye bye, I do play other games though not As much as I did there for few years. Games really kind of became Probably not a Great habit for me, escapism really, oooh do I dare admit that :0 Well not like the marketers here dont know that already,

    Ive never been into gambling, did I tell you I got dragged to a Casino town this year for my daughters birthday? Yeah, was OMG so bored, I just dont see the thrill of sitting there dropping those coins for thats it, drop n hope you get whatever and like my eyes be rolling back into my head LOL, the chances you win are slim to none and to just Sit there like bump on a log slowly going thru brain rot.....

    not for me. TV bad enough lol, but at least there you get a story, maybe LOL. I dont know with these games though, you get Involved And so if you need a distraction cuzz well, life can suck LOL, these games offer that. And when I hurt my back it was the escape I needed, at the time. that said, things come to an end So...Sigh,

    LOL, I gonna miss this forum, even though Im not on as much etc still, it was nice to pop in, see the pics and quests and see how everyone was doing. I often wonder who all is still around, I think of TexasCatevery now and then, we lost her you know and I dont think theres one day on this forum, that I dont think about her. She was quite the CL cheerleader, often times i thought a bit tad too much But I do remember this....she was vocal advocate for bringing in CL dolls of various body sizes and even disabilities. I always admired her for that....

    I remember $prinkles with her ballet, and Rookie with the Bear many more, my mind cutting out darnit Ill think of more in bit but my point being, its just not going to be the same. This wasnt Just a game forum. It was so much more.

    I would like to see the rewards gown. I tried but I just didnt get started in time this event, but yeah, Id like to see it. Its a gorgeous blue a d Im curious how the glitter turned out on it. Looking forward to Tropical!!! Ill type more later and will list more names, my memory just ugh isnt as sharp as it once was since the pneumonia etc (Im on Oxygen now, yeah the pneumonia really did some damage to my already damaged lungs so eh memory kind of eeeeeehhhhhh LOL)

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