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Thread: I bought $49.99 rubies to buy 3 Passenger Waiting Stops (give 4 rubies every 4 days)

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    Angry I bought $49.99 rubies to buy 3 Passenger Waiting Stops (give 4 rubies every 4 days)

    I just spent $49.99 rubies to buy 3 Passenger Waiting Stops and I didn't get the rubies. I have to go to work in 15 minutes and won't be able to check my I-phone during the day to see if PG populates my bank with the 700 rubies I'm missing. On top of that, I still need to by 3 of the Passenger Waiting Stops so by the time I get my rubies, the quest will be over or TPC will run out of the Passenger Waiting Stops. Can you help me out????????


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    A bit late with this reply but you might still be checking in.
    This really would get a better response over in the TPC Main Forum.
    You need to put a ticket in to PG to ask for your money back if your rubies turned up too late. I do believe Apple get involved in these sort of problems as well.
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