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Thread: App crashed. Have to start over

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    App crashed. Have to start over

    I played Animal Voyage for quite a while. It was my favorite animal type game. I had over 15 Million coins, and something like 30000 leaves, and quite a number of gems. And then one day my phone crashed and I lost everything... EVERYTHING. So that meant I had to start over again with Remy, the red panda. Is there any way I can get my old game back or is it gone? (Without mentioning any names I do have a game which I lost, but I restored it and I've picked up where I left off. Hopefully the same can be done with Animal Voyage.)
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    You can try to restore a backup if you have one or to reload the game, otherwise contact the support - which is the best option

    they might be able to restore the game or can at least credit you some currency. Good luck!
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