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Thread: YIKES!!! I think I recieved my reward too quickly?

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    YIKES!!! I think I recieved my reward too quickly?

    I can not believe I am writing this but I think I received my rewards too quickly after this weekends guild event. The following is a description of the circumstances and I am wondering if there are others in the same situation.

    I have two games (two different devices) on the CrazyCanuck4 team. Within about two minutes after the end of the event I received a notice on both games indicating that I had received my prizes. On one game it showed that we finished in 24 position with 6394 points. On the second game it showed that we finished in 28th position with 6144 points. If you do the math there is exactly 250 points difference. This is good because we won the last match. This says to me that prizes were given out before all their servers had updated. Most of the time this would have little consequence, however, in this case it was the difference between a top 30 and a top 25 prize which 230 keys. For most of the team this number of keys makes a big difference, unfortunately most of them did not get them.

    SO the question remains, has this happened to you? To me there is a simple solution, force the system wait 15 minutes (or longer) before rewarding prizes. Although we lost out on prizes this time you know that the opposite occurred, some teams received prizes that they did not earn


    P.S. If I put a ticket in do you think PG will give me my keys?

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    You must try.
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