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Thread: Tap pet shop paws

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    Tap pet shop paws

    Hello I accidentally clicked to open triceratops early when trying to collect garbage. Is there a way to get my paws back. I believe it was 9 paws. It is hard to get them and it took long time to save. U start start triceratops time over
    Please help

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    You are better asking your question in the forum for your game. That way more people will see it and hopefully be able to answer you.
    The other way is to submit a ticket and then the nice people at PG will try and help you.
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    If you can't submit a ticket, there is also the option to contact the staff via PM. I'm afraid these games are too old and work differently.

    If you lost purchased currency (due to a bug, not due to a mistake), you can also contact apple.
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