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Thread: Ipad crashed & Runway Life reset itself

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    Thumbs up Ipad crashed & Runway Life reset itself

    I have been playing Runway Life for over two weeks, have purchased quite a lot of diamonds and cash and have advanced to a four star agency.

    My Ipad developed a problem, and had to be reset.

    Animal Voyage Island Adventure was restored with all purchases and advancements intact. Runway Life reset right back to the beginning - meaning that all diamonds, cash, sequins, awards, models, land, etc has been wiped out.

    As I have invested a fair bit of money, I am not happy.

    How can I regain everything I have lost - especially since I was in the middle of a goal that had four days to go?

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    Hi mcmouse, the best way to get individual game issues looked at is to submit a support ticket with your game's Support ID here:

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