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Thread: Tap Zoo:Cross breeding HELP & other concerns

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    Tap Zoo:Cross breeding HELP & other concerns

    Hello Out There,
    Am I the only one still playing Tap Zoo? I surely hope not!
    Can't find any current or recent discussions.

    Could you pls tell me if there is a Cross Breeding List that tells which animals to cross breed in order to get a specific character? I'm trying to cross breed for the Phoenix and have spent a fortune and still can't get the Phoenix or other mythological creatures.
    If you can assist, I'd deeply appreciate it.

    Also trying to purchase the huge castle w/ blue turrets but can't locate anywhere under store menu.
    Are ppl still playing Tap Zoo? It's my one & only favorite game but as of late, can find any current chats/links. I've spent so much $ to just see this disappear. I see so many wonderful things while visiting neighbor's zoos but I don't have them at my option. Why is that?

    If you can assist/direct me, I'd deeply appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance,
    Lo/ SnowQueen

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    I maxed out years ago. No new content was forthcoming, so I started playing Paradise Cove. Now I am maxed out in that game.
    My own personal opinion, PG is spending all their time on Dragon Wars and Episodes.
    Good luck with your game.

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